NZAMD Scholarship Awards

The NZAMD Scholarship Awards weekend is held annually and gives nominated senior students in each discipline the opportunity to take classes with top International and New Zealand tutors / adjudicators.

The 2020 NZAMD Scholarship Awards have been cancelled for November 2020, however NZAMD hopes this will only be a postponement and efforts are being made to hold the 2020 event in AUCKLAND early in 2021. This will most likely be Waitangi Weekend in February. Information will be updated as soon as there is anything to confirm. At that time the 2020 Awards brochure below will also be updated and uploaded.

Click here to see the 2019 NZAMD Scholarship Awards Brochure        

Click here to see  2019 INFORMATION FOR NOMINEES  A hard copy of this information sheet will be given to all nominees as they register for their class.   This will be updated a few weeks before the next event, in the meantime refer to this 2019 document as much of the information ( apart from venue and timetabling ) will remain the same